Plasticulture Information for N.C. Strawberry Growers - NC State Extension

"The plasticulture strawberry season in N.C. begins in late April to early May and lasts six to eight weeks. The development of North Carolina’s strawberry plasticulture industry over the last 25 years has been one of the real success stories of a special partnership between land-grant university scientists at N.C. State University and a statewide system of publically supported research stations."

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University of Florida 

North Florida Research Facility

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Texas A&M

Horticulture Extension

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Ozone Layer Protection

"This website addresses stratospheric ozone issues, including the science of ozone depletion, EPA's regulatory approach to protecting the ozone layer, EPA-approved alternatives to ozone-depleting substances, and sun safety."

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Penn State

College of Agriculture Science

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Speciality Crops - NC State Extension

"This page contains information on all the crops and programs we work on other than herbs and organics, so this is where you will find information on vegetables, hops, truffles, industrial hemp, farmland preservation, and more."

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USDA Agricultural Research Service

"ARS Research is organized into National Programs. The National Programs serve to bring coordination, communication and empowerment to approximately 690 
research projects carried out by ARS. National Programs focus on the relevance, impact, and quality of ARS research."

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Penn State Extension

Forage and Food Crops

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